Stills Spring/Summer 2010

I posted their 2009 Spring/Summer collection on Latemag last year, and I’ve felt compelled to post my favourites from their 2010 Spring/Summer collection this year as well. Why? Simply because Stills just make beautiful, completely timeless clothes. I actually like the fact they are not slaves to trends, it’s just good old fashion quality in both styling and fabrics and knowing how to dress to perfection the female form. 

To check out the full collection visit their website

Heimstone Spring 2009

Like most girls, I have a feminine side which I do try to indulge occasionally. However I’m not a personal fan (on myself at least) of anything too girly girl; I prefer my clothes to have a bit of a tougher edge. With that in mind, it’s no suprise that I am a fan of Heimstone’s Spring 2009 collection.

Launched in 2007 by Delphine Delafon and Alix Petit, Heimstone’s signature is a mix of flowing dresses and edgy styling, a complementary contrast formed by Delafon’s love of grunge and Petit’s love of more romantic girly styles. Like Ying and Yang these two should-be conflicting style elements come together perfectly in Heimstone.

To view the rest of the collection visit Heimstone’s website

Heimstone Spring 2009

Heimstone Spring 2009

Via: Fashion Indie

Jesse Hill AW 09

This dress from Australian designer Jessie Hill's AW 09 collection is divine, from the silhoutte to the colours in the swirling inky print.


Via: She Breathes


I first discovered Dutch brand Stills whilst working as a consultant for their parent company The Veldhoven Group. As a brand that refuses to be dictated to by “fast-fashion” trends their pieces are not only timeless but exude a refined gracefulness.
I am fed up of seeing what should be quality (and fairly pricey) labels using cheap fabrics yet still thinking it is acceptable to be charging north of £150 for an acrylic sweater, relying on the brand name to carry the price tag. Stills on the other hand are rather old school in that regard and are totally quality focused; in fact the entire design process is driven by the beautiful and luxurious fabrics they use, and for me this is one of the reasons I hold them in high regard. The styling is always glamorous and the attention to detail in the creativity gives the well tailored pieces their uniqueness.

From their Spring/Summer 09 collections I particularly love the purple/brown printed maxi dress (picture above).





For more pictures from the collection and information on stockists, visit their website

TFNC Colour Block Dresses

These cute little 80's style dresses/tunics from TFNC are colour-block-tastic and cheap to boot, ranging from £27 - £37. As the brand name suggests it may well be Time For New Clothes.

Pick them up from TFNC's online boutique

Hérve Léger

Now if I were a bit thinner and my wallet were a bit fatter, I'd be slipping into this bandage dress by Hérve Léger. I love the wine coloured neckline with the black and grey body.

For those that can swap the words "thinner" and "fatter" in my first sentence, and can tag on to the end "It would be a real shock for me because I'm actually skinny and rich", then you can purchase this beauty as for £1,042.34

Aurelius Shirt Dress

I’m feeling all check-tastic at the moment. Maybe its my country girl routes surfacing, but whatever the reason I’m rather all-a-taken with tantalising tartan at the mo.
This tartan-tastic piece from All Saints is just the fix my chequered brain is yearning for. Admittedly the bustle back detailing, so signature to the brands love of sculptured silhouette, is not prehaps the most flattering on an arse such as mine, but if I go with “junk in the trunk” philosophy I think it will be just dandy (boyfriend you said it, not me).

For more info visit All Saints


I first discovered through sister site Having been a frequent customer of, an online shopping emporium dedicated to all things in Asian entertainment, I was very excited to see them launch, an equally impressive emporium to all things in Asian fashion. However my excitement was short lived as I soon discovered that my fat arse (by Asian standards anyway) wouldn’t be catered for in their sizing offering, for when YesStyle launched a couple of years back, the biggest size I could find on offer was a Korean 44/UK 6-8. Now considering the site was all in English and prices in American $, I thought this maximum size of theirs a little bit optimistic considering their target market.
Strangely, they had a link (still there) on the site saying “contact our CEO”. So I thought what the hell, I need to let these people know that my UK 10/12 requirements are not actually that unusual over here and if they wanted to sell to us more generously proportioned westerners then a slightly wider size range might help. Anyhoo roll on to the present day and lo and behold they took some notice (and I am entirely certain it was my email that made all the difference, wink). I happened to be passing the other day, saw about 100 different items I wanted and with a glum face clicked onto the product details only to see that most items now come in sizes 55 and 66 (UK 8-10 and 12-14)! Woohoo!!!
So not only do they have some really funky fashion, they now actually offer it in sizes that I can wear! If that wasn’t enough, there’s also the FREE international shipping to get excited about.

So my only complaint now is they are tempting me into spending far too much money on all the goodies!

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