Seven is the 4th music video from Fever Ray's self title album. You can listen to the full album over at Fever Ray's Website (though really you should own it buy now). |

Triangle Walks is the third music video from Fever Ray's self title album. You can listen to the full album over at Fever Ray's Website (though really you should own it buy now). |


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Hatembargo is a library music blog with top shelf appeal.

Head Full Of Snow

Head Full of Snow celebrates the music and styles that came about during the late 1960s and throughout the 70s.

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Oliver Wang's (formerly/occassionally known as DJ O-Dub) funk / soul / rare groove / hip hop audioblog

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When I Grow Up is the second music video from Fever Ray's self title album. You can listen to the full album over at Fever Ray's Website. |

If I Had A Heart was the first video from Swedish down-tempo pop artist Fever Ray (Karin Dreijer Andersson). The track is taken from the self titled album, which was released at the end of March.

Dead Mexico Radio

Dead Mexico Radio is a monthly radio show featuring underground electronic/experimental music.

"The Wilson Project" which is of course resident lateMag scribe Fiona (Aka Fi Wilson) has been featured twice (Show 10 and 12). Show 10 also saw our friend "Snoog" aka "Die On Spectrum" featured.

Revolver - Myspace

Ah, Friday. The week may be at an end, but the music plays on, and, with this in mind, I would like to present to you a hand-selected best track of the week, a musical diamond in the rough that is Myspace, if you will. Yes, yours truly has done the hard work so you don't have to, rummaging around that vast and perilous land of the signed and the unsigned, where talent dares to dwell in the unforgiving nooks and crannies. And so, without further ado, I present to you my top track of the week...

Revolver - Relapse

Hailing from Columbus, Ohio, in the good old U.S. of A. comes Chad Williamson aka Revolver. This ex-band member has gone it alone, producing some choice down-tempo cuts for your listening pleasure. Think Indie goes Electronica and you'll have a feel for what's in store, with beat-driven tracks that ooze disenchantment and fuel a healthy dose of introspection. Relapse is my pick of the bunch, a track which manages to effortlessly straddle the glorious mix of the downbeat and the uplifting. A stomping beat gives way to wafting melancholy keys, but, before you've had a chance to go away and think about what you've done, along comes the resonace of a deliciously moody uplift. Real "soundtrack to your life" fodder. Or, simply, as a soul very dear to me put it, "dark and drummy." All this track needs is to accompany the end of a really good film. Nice and nicely done.

Get yourself a snaffle of Revolver's "Relapse" by clicking the following link:

La Fine Equipe La Boulangerie

From French Beatmakers La Fine Equipe (Blanka, Oogo, Mr.Gib, Mattic and Chomsky) comes the album La Boulangerie, masters of the sampler one and all. Here they showcase their skills with the MPC over 37 tracks, whose titles seem to come from staring longingly at the scrumptious delights in the pâtisserie window. They cut up soul, funk, reggae, dioulouge, swing, dub, hip hop, arabic music, rocksteady and anything else they come across.

Most of La Fine Equipe seems to have some kind of affilation with the mighty Wax Taylor (The French equivilant of America's RJD2 or the UK's DJ Parker). So you know these guys have pedigree and as all are strong artists in their own right the 30 plus tracks are solid stuff with no padding and being instrumental there's no worries about languauge barriers. Hopefully artists in the US and UK will consider hooking up with these French beatmakers for production because their stuff is fantastic.

Fans of sampling and instrumental hip hop should make this a must purchase. It might be a bit of a search picking it up outside France, but I purchased the MP3 album from in the UK.

La Fine Equipe - Brioche (Video)

Check out Chomsky's Pain Au Chocolat and Oogo's Space Cake below:

Video for Blanka's track "Brioche" from La Fine Equipe's album "La Boulangerie".

Parker - To Eternity

Bristol DJ Parker's debut UK long player hit shelves this week. Hailed as the UK's RJD2 (for good reason), the westcountry beatmaker / party rocker has built quite a reputation for himself. He has his own radio show on XFM with DJ Moneyshot and some solid 12 inch releases as well the not so long ago released mix CD The Butler Did It.

However although the title track "To Eternity" could be the greatest RJD2 (pre wandering off to make sub-par folk music) track not made by RJ himself, Parker is not a clone and this album shows off a great deal of versatilty. 

Sure "that" Brigton / Bristol (think Tru Thoughts etc.) sound is strong here, but what do you expect - he's a westcountry producer. There's certainly a twist of something uniquely Parker added to the mix. Fans of the UKs leftfield hip hop / downtempo and trip hop scene should be on safe ground, with scene luminaries such as DJ Yoda, A Skillz, DJ Andy Smith, and Massive Attack’s Daddy G all giving praise.

While there's definitely no filler here, my own personal taste has me more interested in the instrumental hip hop. So having said that my favourite tracks would be "To Eternity", "Lost" , "Penny Dreadful" and the stand out (I bloody love it) "Old Time Sermon".

However there's no denying that the likes of "Sugar Coasted", "Western Soul" and "Calling You" will probably have more mass appeal.

Don't sleep on this one, drop by Parkers myspace and check out the tracks there, then go get the album - its one of the best releases this year. Certainly if your into Wax Taylor, Shadow, Aim, RJD2, Rob Smith, Boca 45, P*Nut etc. Your going to want to find a place for this in your CD collection or hardrive.

Parker - Sugar Coated (Video) | Introducing Parker (video)

Check out the mighty "Old Time Sermon" below: 

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 Video Credits: Director Tom Jobbins Assistant animators: Charlie Stoddart, Dave Gilbert

Quantic presents ... Flowering Inferno - Death Of The Revolution (Album details at Tru-Thoughts) |

Via: Tru Thoughts

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Promo video for 'To Eternity' the album by Parker

The Wilson Project


Double Bass player and producer Sneaky, best known as part of decks 'n bass combo Fingathing is on the verge of dropping his debut solo LP. To give you a taste of whats to come he has released a digital only downloadable EP featuring 4 of the tracks from his website The Feel Like A King EP features the tracks, String Talk, Beduija, Feel Like A King and The Gentle Rain.

String Talk has a lazy (in a good way) jazzy vibe and a tounge in cheek feel that should leave most feeling oddly happy.

Beduija with its North African feeling main hook and massive bassline is the EP's stand out track for me, I have this on repeat all the time. Nice chap that he seems to be, Sneaky has also made this track available free and all you have to do is register on his site. Though as the whole EP is only £2.50 you have no real excuse for not actually paying for the whole EP.

Feel Like A king features the vocal talents of Barbara Panther and is one of those rocking beats and vocals tracks that sneaks up and infects you.

The final track on the EP has a decidely Gotan Project flavour and showcases Sneaky's abilty to combine his classical skills with the beat driven downtempo genres perfectly.

All in all this is highly recommended stuff especially if you are a fan of his work with Fingathing, personaly I can't wait to get the full LP. | |

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