Daniel Wang - The Balihu Years 1993-2008

It's the weekend, and many of you may well be getting your groove on to the increasingly popular sounds of Disco House. Unless you've had the distict misfortune to have been stuck under a rock lately, you'll probably know that long-established Disco House producer Daniel Wang has recently released a retrospective album of work taken from his own label, Balihu, informatively titled The Balihu Years 1993-2008.

Plucked from this generically du jour album, my pick for a weekend pick-me-up is the sweetly uplifting Free Lovin; a gorgeously chipper little number that sees classic Disco infusions sweeping what'll probably be the cutest, most free and unassuming track you'll have the pleasure to gift your ears with this weekend.

The Balihu Years 1993-2008 is out now from Rushhour.

You can also check out Daniel Wang's Like Some Dream from the collection over on our tumblr.

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