Blob VB3

The Blob

Concept: freedom; realisation: space-egg.

When faced with the limitations of building regulations concerning house extension, dmvA Architects hatched a unique solution; the hard boiled egg-like structure that is Blob VB3. This mobile/art construction is the product of 18-months work of skirting around strict building codes, with the result a polyester ovate spheroid of highly flexible, mobile usage. At 20m2 and containing all relevant necessities for occasional human habitation (bathroom, kitchen, lighting, bed and storage,) Blob VB3 is ideal as an office, guest house or simply a nucleal retreat. The rovin' ovum is currently on exhibition at the Verbeke Foundation.

Have a peek at the construction on our Tumblr.

Via: CubeMe

Vanilla Pod Tumblr Theme

I've been a busy bee indeed. Here's another theme for Tumblr. Its called Vanilla Pod and is available from the Tumblr Theme Garden. Enjoy!

Interiors By Kara Mann Design

She's an educated follower of fashion, but background disciplines in art and design have also converged to ascend Kara Mann to well-deserved recognition amongst the interior design elite. Hailing from Evanston, Illinois, Kara has since founded a Chicago-based showroom, KARA MANN, LTD., an offshoot of her Kara Mann Design (KMD) firm which launched in 2005. But distinction cannot only be found in the merits of her media celebration (features in The New York Times, InStyle and Vogue, to name but a few of the publications to hold this stylemaker du jour in high regard,) but in her unique creative vision, also.

Interiors By Kara Mann Design

Striking the balance between modern and classical design, her bespoke interiors excercise complete design auteurism, featuring the seamless integration of approaches from the darkly decadent to breezy, thalassic infusions. To attain this uniqueness, Kara works with a range of collections from artists and design studios, spanning handmade contemporary Americana from BDDW, to 'surreal and provocative' textiles from studio Timorous Beasties, to the punk regalia of Brit-based duo Jimmie Martin. And this knack for collective esotericism is why this one-time 'Rising Star Award'-winner has gone stellar.

Interiors By Kara Mann Design

Interiors By Kara Mann Design

Interiors By Kara Mann Design

Interiors By Kara Mann Design

Interiors By Kara Mann Design

Kara Mann

For more information or to make enquiries, visit Kara Mann Design.

Oli - Search for a Designer

Since Oli's launch, they have scooped 'Best Newcomer' at the coveted Cosmopolitan Online Awards, and also polled 3rd in the Sunday Mirror's High Street Fashion Awards for 'Best Website!'. Now you can have a little taste of that success by entering their competition, which offers a chance to design a capsule range for the Oli Fusion Autumn/Winter 2010 collection.

You'll get to work directly with our design team to put your designs into production - and you'll even get your name in the label of every garment, gaining valuable exposure! You'll join our impressive list of Oli Fusion designers past and present including PPQ, Sinah Stanic and Jasmine Guinness. The winning range should capture the essence of the Oli brand, with an appropriate mix of edgy design and commerciality. Your designs must appeal to Oli's target audience of fashion-savvy twenty somethings. Closing date:18th December 2009.

The Mid-Century Modernist

The Mid-Century Modernist is dedicated to the Modernist movement, as both a historical milestone and a living, breathing ideal, reflected in much of today’s best design and architecture.

What's New What's Next at 200 Lex

On September 23, 2009 The New York Design Center will host the first annual “What’s New, What’s Next @ 200 Lex” a new product showcase featuring hundreds of introductions from nearly 100 participating showrooms. From 2:00-9:00pm the NYDC will open its doors to the entire design community. Designers, consumers, manufacturers and press will attend an afternoon and evening celebrating the very best in design.

Always in the forefront of design, the NYDC will return to its roots, reclaiming itself as THE place to introduce new products. This inaugural event will mark the first time the NYDC and its showrooms will unite and focus on all things new. Designer conversations, presentations, book signings and the industries top editors will showcase what’s “new” and “next” in the design industry.

“What’s New, What’s Next @ 200 Lex” will feature exclusive and informative programming to accompany the hundreds of new products being introduced. Noted names like Ted Boerner, Kirk Brummel, Mariette Himes Gomez, Jiun Ho, and Vladimir Kagan are just some of the guest presenters who will be in attendance for the event. For a full list of “What’s New, What’s Next @ 200 Lex” programming visit

Curated content

Whether you're looking for creative inspiration, to purchase or simply to kill time, these aesthetics driven websites are a great places to visit. is populated by user generated content, anyone can register and submit content. However submited items are not guarenteed to appear on the page as the site is "curated" to maintain it's aesthetic vibe. Part of the NOTCOT Design Network of sites reaching over 4 million pageviews monthly. Along with sister curated sites NOTCUTURE, liqurious and Leading design blog



PicoCool is a global community dedicated to uncovering the cool, whether in art, design, environment, culture, architecture, fashion, travel or technology. Currently to post to the site you need to get an invite from an existing member.



Freshbump is a daily visual inspiration source for industries including, but not limited to: Advertising, Architecture, Computer Arts, Graphic Design, Illustration, Industrial Design, Interior Design, and Photography. Freshbump is a social news media site that facilitates community driven content promotion and prioritizes posts based on the collective view of the userbase.



Cribcandy is a visual news gallery of household & interior design by Items are hand picked by the curators daily with pictures and links to the best finds from all the world’s household design sites and blogs. Items are picked from those submitted to the social shopping site



Oobject is a another website like cribacandy this time concentrating on unusual or interesting gadgets . Items are hand picked by users and filtered by curators who have a background in design.



We've mentioned the tumblr based site .kompound. before on LateMag. Its a great site this and shows how you can easily create your own design inspiration gallery with the popular tumblelog software. The site uses the Museum theme for tumblr.



Formally a design blog in the classic sense of the word a recent redesign has seen it adopt the curated gallery approach. Its packed with great design finds, but it might be better if the images linked straight to the sites in question rather than going to a second page with the same 250*250 image. Definitely a great site though and well worth bookmarking.



Sister site of and runs along the same lines, however as the name suggests the focus is apparel and fashion releted.



Another of's sites this one, like NOTCOUTURE, is for the fashionista's out there.

Top 25 Interior Design & Furniture Blogs At PadStyle

"PadStyle scoured the web looking for the best interior design and furniture blogs, and below is what we found. From large multi-writer blogs like Moco Loco to more personal fare like Gaile Guevara, the below 25 blogs (plus 5 honorable mentions) are the cream of the design crop."

Reel To Reel Deck RS 1500

Online Museum that pays tribute to nine decades of design developments and innovations and commemorates the 90thth Anniversary of Panasonic (Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd).

Its a shame though that its built in flash and the site designers thought obscuring the bottom of the product shots with a shiny white bar was in some way cool. Still it's an interesting site to visit, if you enjoy gazing at retro innovations.

Fazai38's Inspirational Blog

A virtual place for idea and inspiration for all range of items such as architecture, design, branding, fonts, interior, colour and more.

This is one of my favourite blogs so much stunning art and design collected together.

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