The Saint Orchestra - Return of the Saint Theme

The theme for the classic UK TV show Return of the Saint, which starred Ian Ogilvy as Simon Templar AKA "The Saint".  The show was a revival of the classic show The Saint which starred Roger "the eyebrow" Moore.

Both shows had great themes, though the original is probably best known because of Orbitals update. However, as a little kid I remember dancing around my living room to the Theme from the updated Return of the Saint, so its kind of special to me. Plus It confirms I was damn funky even as a tiny kid (even if I do say so myself).

Anyway, behold the greatness that is the Steve Gray conducted "The Saint Orchestra" by listening below to the "Return of the Saint Theme" and as a bonus, the uber-funky and aptly named "Funko" which was the B - Side of the 45 single released in 1978 on PYE Records.