Hell's Belles O.S.T.

I was watching the Quentin Tarantino produced crap-fest "Hell Ride", which is directed by minor B movie star Larry Bishop. While pondering how Dennis Hopper, David Carradine and Michael Madsen managed to land themselves in such nonsense, it occurred to me the soundtrack was pretty dam good. Whatever you think of the projects Tarantino gets involved with, most would agree he does have a knack of putting together great soundtracks. The Hell Ride soundtrack borrows from other movies as ever, in particular taking 4 tracks from the Hell's Belles motion picture soundtrack.

The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack for AIP's Hell's Belles was composed by Les Baxter who composed music for all kinds of cult goodness in his day. The feel is a funky, bluesy, phychadelic rock one with some seriously phat beats (Hot Wind). Regular Baxter contributor Lenny Adelson lends his songwriting and vocal abilities to three of the tracks including "Hell's Belles" and "Travelin' Man" (which feature in Hell Ride).

Tracklist: Wheels, Hell's Belles, Soul Groove, Dan's Theme, Hot Wind, Take it From Me, Chain Fight, Travelin' Man, Dan Again, Hogin' Machine, Scoobee Doo, Goin' Home

You can pick up the Hell's Belles Original Soundtrack vinyl LP from amazon.com or the Fantastic Movie Grooves.

In the mean time check out "Hot Wind" and "Hogin' Machine" below, both of which where used in Hell Ride"