Aviary - Dashboard

All of our tools are based right in your browser or as downloadable AIR applications. Our tools all communicate and relate to each other. To illustrate an example: You can import a swatch from Toucan into Phoenix, while doing complex bitmap processing of a 3D object developed in Hummingbird. Finally, you can take your finished artwork and lay it out in Owl as the DVD artwork for a music CD you and your friends put together in Roc and Myna and offer it for sale in our marketplace, Hawk.

New York based Worth1000, LLC, have created (and are still developing) a  suite of Internet based creative applications. Intended to allow online collaboration between creative types as well as providing a useful alternative if your away from your desktop suite.

While its not going to be able to replace something like adobe suite for now (who knows what the future holds for Internet based applications) its certainly very impressive. With more and more people working away from the office it could prove really useful. 

Its in beta at the moment so if you want to try it sign up for and invitation on the site.