Bubble Table Lamp

Bubble Table Lamp

This chrome metal Bubble Table Lamp is designed by Valerio Bottin and features a satin-finish polycarbonate diffuser. The lamp takes 6 40w bulbs and stand 510mm high and has a Diameter or 500mm. The product family also includes a suspension version with the same dimensions.

Bubble Table Lamp


Kaila Lamps From Bleu Nature

Bleu Nature's stunning combination of natural materials have reached a pinnacle of form and function, and these Kaila lamps are a gorgeous example of this. Measuring from 203-265cm's, these towering 4-bulb inferno's bequeath the softest of outdoor lighting and the debarked wood, lacquered metal base and cotton lampshade give a real enchanted wood feel to your garden.

Visit Bleu Nature online at www.bleunature.com

Stone Lamp From Artefare

Feeling left in the dark when it comes to finding something a little different in contemporary lighting? Or perhaps the typical chrome offering doesn’t compliment your eco-friendly décor? Well Italian product design company Artefare may be able to enlighten you with some bright ideas.

This Mialolll lamp, hand carved in natural stone, is my personal favourite from a whole range of contemporary lightening that transform the nature of stone.

Visit Artefare to check out the whole range

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