Music for Imaginary Movies

Instrumentalists/producers/DJs: Apewok & Stab from Canada and Switzerland respectivly combine to form Berry Weight. They came to prominence after winning a remix competition held by Downtempo heavyweight Wax Tailor. Their remix of his track Positively Inclined was featured on the track's release. With a sound that they describe as "electro-organic-space-jazz" Berry Weight's debut long player is a thing of beauty. 

As the music industry continues it's unstoppable shift to a digital only culture (not something they are happy with I'm sure) its going to become increasingly harder for artists to use filler tracks to justify the price of a full album. No problems here though, "Music for Imaginary Movies" works in it's entirety; it feels like an album not just a random collection of songs. A perfect set to chill or work to. The only issue (which would be more from a promotion point than the listeners) is that its greatest strength may be it's only weakness, a balanced set like this unsurprisingly has no stand out track. 

Music for Imaginary Movies is mostly instrumental, but vocalist Astrid Engberg makes an appearance on 3 tracks, one of which she's also joined by ASM (best known for their appearance on the aforementioned "Positively Inclined"). It's also nice to hear decks being used at points throughout the album which instantly reminded me of Downtempo legends Fingathing and gives a nod to the genre's original roots. Keldsy Jy on clarinet which blends perfectly with the production serves to give many of the tracks their signature soft "space jazz" sound.

Like most forward thinking artists, Berry Weight have made the entire album available to listen to online, and I really can't suggest enough that you click over and do just that.

... and now for some superlatives: Music for Imaginary Movies is the aural equivalent of frost on a spring morning. Beautiful, crystalline, fragile and rather lovely all round really. | MySpace | Twitter | SoundCloud

You can listen to the full LP here

Listen to "Sky Below (Feat. Astrid Engberg)" below and watch the video for Equations here.

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 Video Credits: Director Tom Jobbins Assistant animators: Charlie Stoddart, Dave Gilbert

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