Cosmo Collection By Andreu Belenguer

Award-winning Spanish designer, Andreu Beleguer, "Is always from a dynamic and multidisciplinary work," evident in the Cosmo Collection, for which he sought "to contribute a new concept of aesthetic, functional and constructive furniture." Available through TEYS, Cosmo is a 2000 x 800 x 540 mm chaise longue complimented by a 570 D x 333 mm auxiliary table.  It's a rigorous and elementally pliable collection which can be enjoyed both indoor or outdoor.

Available from TEYS

Via: Joah Spear

Glide By Kedar Naik

Kedar Naik is a designer based in Mumbai, India, specialising in industrial, exhibition and interior design. 'Glide' forms part of his furniture offshoot, and is realised by a combination of aluminium and laquered fibreglass. Available in black or white (a well-placed pair could make a smart addition to monochrome decor,) the simplicity of the continuous, smooth lines make this an effortlessly chic recliner.

View info on and designs by Kedar Naik at

Via: Yanko Design

CL 2 Chaise Lounge from m_creative

"The Chaise Longue CL 2 from the series Future Furniture is a striking, but simple piece of seating, which is both stable and comfortable. The original structure allows a simple exchange of upholstery, with choices including leather, twill and others. In addition, the double structure of the head and foot allows you to stow  magazines, books, etc." 

 Visit m_creative to find out more 

Via: Home Tone

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