Digital Harinezumi 2

In a time where technology allows everything to be captured in super sharp high definition. Many look back at the hazy imagery of the past with nostalgia (If their old enough) and envy (If they are not). There's something calming and innately artistic in the grain and colour imbalance found in old images and film. Lomography is becoming ever more popular and now Superhead have produced a new version of their Digital Harinezumi camera which allows the user to capture images somewhat akin to the old 8mm camera's of the past, as well as lomo like snaps. aesthetically its form resembles that of the old 110 film that was a popular choice for home snaps in the 70's and early 80's. For those that want that retro feel without the retro hassle of purchasing film and getting it developed the Digital Harinezumi 2 looks to be a great choice.

Make sure you check out Superheadz Youtube channel an the footage shot with teh camera on Vimeo Dedicated to Low fidelity photography using "toy camera's". For those that love the look of images taken with Lomo, Diana, Holga etc. camera's the gallery is well worth checking out.

Also check out the magazine Light Leeks

Polaroid PoGo

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"Reinventing Instant Photography for the Digital Age™"

The Polaroid PoGo Instant Mobile Printer is a mini printer which does away with computer connections, connecting directly to your mobile phone or digital camera. This pocket-sized device uses Zink imaging printer technology to produce 2" x 3" borderless colour photos in under a minute. Polaroid PoGo - Reinventing Sleazy Sex Pics for the Digital Age™.

Liquid Image Underwater Camera Mask

Fancy yourself as a bit of a David Bailey beneathe the waves? Then what you need is this Liquid Image Underwater Camera Mask. For a mere £89.99, you can photographically record your underwater adventures with this battery-powered device which neatly does away with excess technology, and at a weight of only 0.663kg it'll let you get your other David on (that's Attenborough) without too much interference. The mask uses advanced CMOS sensing technology and photographs at a resolution of 5-megapixels. Also on offer are an LCD screen, built-in MicroSD card slot and USB port and VGA video mode. Make this life aquatic photographic.

Available Here

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