Midcentury Modern Show

Bowing to popular demand from the West of England and thanks to a kind invitation from The Paintworks, The Midcentury Show touches down in buzzing Bristol this October. See furniture and collectables from the middle of the last century; invest in design classics from the likes of Eames, Nelson, Jacobsen and Aalto while enjoying a day out in the city crowned the best city in the UK and Ireland by the Academy of Urbanism in November 2008. Midcentury.Modern's sister show The Midcentury Show has evolved to showcase our vintage dealers around the country.

Paintworks, Bath Road, Bristol, BS4 3EH on Sunday October 11th 2009.
10am - ­4pm Entrance £5 / Children under 14 free. Free Parking and Bocabar Café open.

Curated by www.modernshows.com

Parker - To Eternity

Bristol DJ Parker's debut UK long player hit shelves this week. Hailed as the UK's RJD2 (for good reason), the westcountry beatmaker / party rocker has built quite a reputation for himself. He has his own radio show on XFM with DJ Moneyshot and some solid 12 inch releases as well the not so long ago released mix CD The Butler Did It.

However although the title track "To Eternity" could be the greatest RJD2 (pre wandering off to make sub-par folk music) track not made by RJ himself, Parker is not a clone and this album shows off a great deal of versatilty. 

Sure "that" Brigton / Bristol (think Tru Thoughts etc.) sound is strong here, but what do you expect - he's a westcountry producer. There's certainly a twist of something uniquely Parker added to the mix. Fans of the UKs leftfield hip hop / downtempo and trip hop scene should be on safe ground, with scene luminaries such as DJ Yoda, A Skillz, DJ Andy Smith, and Massive Attack’s Daddy G all giving praise.

While there's definitely no filler here, my own personal taste has me more interested in the instrumental hip hop. So having said that my favourite tracks would be "To Eternity", "Lost" , "Penny Dreadful" and the stand out (I bloody love it) "Old Time Sermon".

However there's no denying that the likes of "Sugar Coasted", "Western Soul" and "Calling You" will probably have more mass appeal.

Don't sleep on this one, drop by Parkers myspace and check out the tracks there, then go get the album - its one of the best releases this year. Certainly if your into Wax Taylor, Shadow, Aim, RJD2, Rob Smith, Boca 45, P*Nut etc. Your going to want to find a place for this in your CD collection or hardrive.

Parker - Sugar Coated (Video) | Introducing Parker (video)


Check out the mighty "Old Time Sermon" below: 

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