Dedalo Bookcase From Porada

What a beautifully bookish idea the Dedalo from Porada is. Designed by M. Marconato and T. Zappa, the Dedalo is formed of intelocking curved cubes and provides both a functional shelving platform and striking focal point. With a slightly retro feel, this is a cool way to bring variant shelving possibilities to your room.

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Via: Fresh Home

Cave Bookcase/Chair

Earlier we posted about a chair that also doubled up as a bookcase (The Bibliochaise), well here is the reverse – a bookcase that doubles up as a chair!

Called the Cave, this perculiar piece of furniture is by Japanese product designer, Sakura Adachi. The design provides a private reading space whilst giving the feeling of being hidden from others. It comes in two sizes, one for adults and one for kids.

Those of you thinking that the inbedded seating area takes away from book storage opportunities, you will be pleased to know that books can actually be stored on both sides. Because of this the Cave can actually double up as a room partition as well.

So there you have it, bookcase, reading seat and room partition all in one. How very versatile.

For other Sakura Adachi products check out

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