The Slanket

Feeling like you need some extra cosiness in your life? Then what you need is the Slanket!“The Loungin’ Blanket”, an oversized fleece blanket complete with large loose sleeves for extra toastiness and ease of movement (you never know when you may need to pick up the remote) is just about the perfect invention for those who like super-amounts of warmth and comfort with their lazy, loungin’ days.

Oh my, if ever a person and a product could come together in dreamy made-for-each-otheriness, it’s me and the Slanket. I love a bit of cose, and what could be more roasty-toasty than a Slanket? Duvet days will be a thing of the past, Slanky Sundays will be all the rage (“What are you doing today, Bob? Oh I’m having a Slank”). And as if supreme comfort wasn’t enough, unlike a duvet, should you make any ‘mess’, the Slanket is much more readily washable, just machine wash in cold water and tumble dry on a low heat. Not only is the Slanket the perfect gift for me (Castlerock, please, if anyone’s listening), but I think just about everybody I know could have their lives enhanced by this product of ultimate comfort. Go on, get yourself one today;it's full of Slanky-goodness!