Kissing Stags Bed Linen by Anorak

"Kissing Stags" is a rather funky graphic stag print with an edge that makes this duvet cover an eye catcher with plenty of character.

The Kissing Stags Bed Linen is available in both double and single sizes and a matching pillocase pair is also availble.

Palms II Chair

With his architectural background and roots in Chicago's progressive design scene, it's hardly surprising Jeff Vioski honed his design talents with his self-titled furniture collection. Now based in L.A. but with several showrooms across the U.S., the VIOSKI collection is a modernist's configurative dream. Exhibiting fine mid-century modern aesthetics, the collection puts beautiful form in its high functionality.

Nicholas Sectional

Working with the highest quality coverings (Glant Textiles, Spinneybeck Leather and Designtex Fabrics) and skilled craftsmanship in structural construction, VIOSKI emphasise longevity as well as comfort in each unique, handmade-to-order piece. Accentuating the company's promise to furnish your lifestyle with forms to please the body as much as the eye is the equal assurance of customisation; some pieces, such as the sectional sofas and Isola Lounge, are flexible by design, but custom orders requiring specific modifications are welcomed (a 34-foot Nicholas Sectional for a Hollywood Hills home which required a 75-foot crane to install is exemplary of the lengths to which they will go to ensure client satisfaction.)

Manhattan Bed

But if relaxing design purism isn't comfort enough, VIOSKI's environmentally ecological and socio-ecological ethics should have you sitting comfortably. With three levels of environmentally conscious manufacturing on offer, you can recline sublime knowing that your clean style is sustainable and the durability can be left to posterity. Equally important, though, is the social awareness aspect and theirs is prudent. Aside from the goodness of their hearts, they adhere to the sadly seldom seen yet simple business equation; be good to your employees and they will be good to you. So, if you like your style with substance, you're in good company with VIOSKI.

Aiden Iconsole

Also you might like to check out picture hanging hardware by AsHanging 

Alpha From Zanotta

Designed by Emaf Progetti, the Alpha from Zanotta is an icy cool winter slumberland. Comprised of 3 units - pouf, headboard and base - the Alpha is a personally adjustable modular bed system designed to present the bed as a feature focus. An aluminium painted demountable steel frame nestles upon height-adjustable, brushed and nickel-plated steel feet, with headboard, base and pouf upholstered in polyurethane/Dacron Du Pont.

Alpha From Zanotta

Visit Zanotta online at

Klun Bed

This minimalist design by Slovenian firm Klun is a beautiful bed likely to inspire beautiful dreams. The parallel cut outs in the head board provide the detailing (or perhaps this bed has anthropomorphic attributes in the form of love handles).

Klun was founded in 1980 and is a family enterprise which prides itself on creative thinking and quality of being. Klun covers all major segments of the culture of space: interior equipment, building architecture and urbanism, and concentrates on creating design and space ambients that use quality natural materials to enable contemporary lifestyles and healthy environments.

For more information about Klun and to view their full catalogue, visit their website

Terminal 1

French designer, Jean Marie Massaud, works with a contextual approach to industrial and furniture design. The Terminal 1 daybed is a single unit which forms part of his ethic for individualistic focus and creates, with its sweeping, fluid form, a welcome station for repose. Its shape supports a double function as both an arm chair and chaise longue, and there is further room for manoeuvre within materials and finishes (shown here is a plastic body on a matt-finish metal frame.)

Visit B&B Italia for more info or to make an inquiry

Via: Bed Zine

Glide By Kedar Naik

Kedar Naik is a designer based in Mumbai, India, specialising in industrial, exhibition and interior design. 'Glide' forms part of his furniture offshoot, and is realised by a combination of aluminium and laquered fibreglass. Available in black or white (a well-placed pair could make a smart addition to monochrome decor,) the simplicity of the continuous, smooth lines make this an effortlessly chic recliner.

View info on and designs by Kedar Naik at

Via: Yanko Design

Hi-Can - High fidelity Canopy

I suffer with the nagging feeling that the years post 2000, just have not brought about the things pop culture conditioned us to expect. In fact I would go as far as to say i am sorely disappointed. No android house servant, no hover cars, no real slowing of the ageing process. Still for those of you, who like me, resent the fact that until now they have been unable to sleep in a high tech white cube, Italian Designer Edoardo Carlino has created the High fidelity Canopy or Hi-Can for short. Manufactured by Deta, this most modern of beds allows you to watch movies, listen to music and surf the internet on a huge screen in bed. The sides electronically lower to create an audio visual cocoon and the bed has its own lighting. Don't worry though there's a large open top just in-case your new tech bed goes HAL on you and tries to deprive you of much needed oxygen. 

Hi-Can - High Fidelity Canopy

Hi-Can - High Fidelity Canopy

To find out more vsit 

Via: TrendsNow

Lomme Bed

Think your lovin' is out of this world? Prove it with this egg shaped bed from Lomme. Not only will it look rather fetching in your pad, but it's honed to be handy, too. Two years in the making means they haven't just hatched the idea, in depth research into common sleeping problems has the bed taylor-made to get you off to sleep like a baby. Encorporated into the sleek pod design is light therapy, an ipod sound system, muscle relaxing system and even storage compartments. Be an intergalactic lover with this futuristic design and it should be more than eggs you're laying.

Available Here


Day Bed From Gandia Blasco

When the sun shines it's natural to recline, and what cooler way to do it than with this outdoor daybed from Gandia Blasco. By designer Jose A. Gandia, the anodized aluminium frame is draped with a movable and removable canvass to shield or yield as you wish.

Visit Gandia Blasco online at

Via: Furniture Fashion

Squaring Bed From Bonaldo

The Squaring bed, designed by Giuseppe Viganò for Bonaldo, is certainly aptly named. Fantastic if you are cubic orientated, perhaps not so much if you gravitate towards circles. Personally I’ll dabble in both, but this bedroom wonder is surely enough to turn anyone square!

The Squaring is part of a collection characterized by the chance of creating "islands" and "peninsulas" using the different components. I for one would be extremely happy to have this particular island in the sea of my bedroom floor (and we all know that orange floats my boat).

The Squaring is available in double or single size, with a high, low or deep headboard.

For more information visit Bonaldo

Air Lounge Bed By Fabio Novembre

Previously at breathemodern we brought you the Air Lounge System living room furniture by Fabio Novembre, available through Meritalia. Today, though, sees this designer's compactly modernist work move with ease into the bedroom by way of the Air Lounge System Bed. Following the same lines as the living room System, this platform bed exhibits cute contemporaneity for your personal space.

Meritalia Air Lounge Bed

Visit Meritalia online at for more information

Via: Woo Home

Savoy Range by Mobilfresno

Feeling the need to immerse yourself in unadulterated lavishness? How about a bit of noir in the boudoir?

The striking Savoy range from Spanish furniture firm Mobilfresno will certainly allow you to live out your gothic grandeur fantasies. Inspired by Art Deco, the Savoy range celebrates dynamic design, flirting with fantasy through its bold displays of geometric symmetry and monochrome opulence.

Visit Mobilfresno to view the whole Savoy range

Savoy Bedroom

For other modern style luxury beds visit Sueno Beds, they have a range of divan beds to match all budgets. Sueno Beds also stock a wide range of mattresses and bedroom furniture.

Plano Shiro Bed From Kalusto

From the Plano Collection by Kalusto Contemporary Furniture comes this Plano Shiro bed. Available in bleached or dark oak finish and with spring fixed slats, this elegant and enticing bed is a beautifully modern element to add to your bedroom. The brown leather cushioned headboard, also with spring fixed slats, lends a comfortable, contemporary warmth to the starkly lined base which appears as if floating. Available from £1,989.99.

Visit Kaluston online at   

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