Free Standing Modern Bathtub with Book Storage

Free Standing Modern Bathtub with Book Storage 

Free Standing Modern Bathtub with Book Storage

This stunning modern free standing bath with with Internal Overflow from WS Bath Collection features room to store books and bathroom items. It is molded from Korakril an acylic resin mineral mix, that is hygenic, light proof and stain proof and gives a beautiful finish. Perfect for those whose take pleasure from a book in the bath.

Madera Wooden Bathtub

Just the other day I was watching Taxidermia and thinking how cool it would be to have a wooden bathtub. Then, by George, what should appear on the net? Why, wooden bathtubs, of course! If you, too, long for bathtime to give you wood, try a Madera wood bathtub by WS Bath Collections. These beautiful free-standing designs are available in several shapes - inlcuding round, square and oval - and are a elegantly rustic addition to any bathroom. Choose your tub in beech, mahogany, walnut or one of the other many choices and experience the beauty that hand-crafted solid wood sculpture can bring to your bathroom. Available Here

Lady X bathtub

Lady X. Only a bathtub this seductive could live up to such a mysterious name. It's taken three designers - Giovanni Ronzoni, Luisa Frigerio and Fabrizio Proserpio - to craft this stunning sculptural tub for Axolo from satin stainless steel and precious woods, and the finished product is nothing short of gorgeously sleek, industrialised minimalism.

Lady X bathtub

Visit Axolo online at

Nirvana Bathtub By Bathroom Tomorrow

In a galaxy far, far away...a luminous cleanliness was reached...

Those partial to a relaxing soak in the tub can surely strive for nothing more than Nirvana. The good folk at Bathroom Tomorrow are promoting a state less stinky and more thinky with this gloriously translucent LED bathtub, complete with in-built touch controls and auto-fill functions. With its galaxy of light to unwind the mind from the ties that bind, Nirvana is the tub to help you reach enlightenment. Divine!

Via: Trendir

Global Bath

The ‘Global’ bath from Hidrobox is the ultimate choice for contemporary cool-cats. Imposing yet subtle, contemporary yet timeless, the perfect aesthetics are complimentary of the high end manufacture. Created from a unique material called “Scene”, the Global bath boasts a silky smooth finish with no visible joins; perfect for hours of indulgent soaking in blissful comfort.

The design comes courtesy of leading Spanish designers, Roviras and Torrente and as it can be either built in or semi-built in to the floor, this bath will instantly become the focal point of the any bathroom. And for those who yearn a bit spa-style relaxation, the Global bath also has Chromotherapy options available.

The ‘Global’ bath is part of a complete series of contemporary bathroom products manufactured by Hidrobox. The series includes stylish shower trays and columns, deck and wall mounted basins in addition to a complementary WC and bidet, all manufactured from ‘Scene’.

Measuring 190 x 120 cm, the ‘Global’ bath is offered in white, cream, brown, grey or black.

Exclusively available in the UK from Aquaplus Solutions

For international stockists visit Hidrobox

Badge Radiator

‘Badge’ is a striking radiator design from high end radiator manufacturer Aestus and forms part of the ‘Human Living’ collection from luxury bathroom supplier and retailer C.P. Hart. As well as beauty and functionality, ‘Badge’ also boasts versatility, being available either horizontally or vertically.

Badge Vertical (pictured) measures 512mm wide and is available in two heights; 1212mm or 1755mm with a maximum output of 836 watts while Badge Horizontal measures 404mm x 1604mm and has an output of 516 watts.  Rectangular in design, both styles have rounded corners and an oval cut out which adds an interesting design element while also ensuring functionality within the bathroom making Badge ideal for towel storage. 

Each model is manufactured from 10mm thick carbon steel and is available in all RAL colours including bright red (shown), purple, black and silver.  

Available from

RainHeaven From Joerger

Joerger bring the rain. Previously we brought you the Jaclo Dream Light cloud cover showerhead, and today we see the RainHeaven from Jorger, an 800 x 800 mm double 'rain' shower canopy. Stainless steel and LED-lit, RainHeaven will shower you and your loved one like a tropical cloudburst.

Visit Jorger online at

Via: Trendir

Lavabo Fly

Simple, sleek, modern and available in black or white colour options. Black is the colour to go for if you want to suggest luxury or expense (Or so studies tell us) and it certainly looks great here. It might be a touch masculine for some, but personally being a big fan of all things monochrome I love it.

This "Fly" washbasin is by GSG, you can view their range online at 


Hydrosilence whirlpool Bathtub

The Sorgente from Teuco is a sunken bathtub that can be covered in the same material that surrounds it, Creating a sublime bathroom space. The bathtub features 8 Hydrosilence whirlpool jets, that create a spring water effect. The tub's optional features include automatic filling to go along with the Water level check, filtration system, Remote control and Underwater light which are fitted as standard

Sorgente Hydrosilence whirlpool jet bathtub

Sorgente Hydrosilence whirlpool jet bathtub

Visit Teuco online at 

Via: Tredir

Hansacanyon From Hansa

Germany's Hansa have epitomised the move toward more ambient plumbing fixtures with the HANSACANYON, an led light-fitted, free-flowing faucet. However, this product is more than just a pretty facade; the colour is temperature-specific, moving through blue to red as from cold to hot, with the entire operation elctronically controlled with sensor buttons.

Hansacanyon From Hansa

Visit Hansa online at

KV1 One-handle mixer

The "KV1"  One-handle mixer features ceramic disc technology, 360° double swivel spout with water saving aerator. Available with the option of 25 mm, 60 mm (M) or 100 mm (L) lever. 

Visit Vola online at

Escale Freestanding Bath

With integral lumbar support and extra spacious 36" width, the Escale freestanding bath from Kohler is an end of day dream. With form and depth to fit the natural bathing position, this luxurious bath is both supportive and incredibly indulgent. Cast acrylic with concealed plumbing and pipework.

Escale Freestanding Bath

Visit Kohler online at

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