Regina ll Armchair From Poltrona Frau

Designed by Paolo Rizzato for Poltrona Frau, the Regina ll swivel armchair puts a regal spin on the classic Bergere design. Available with accompanying pouf, this elegant seat is formed from a single rigid polyurethane shell on a lacquered steel base. Upholstering comes courtesy of soft Pelle Frau leather which is embossed with uniquely modernistic stitching.

Pricing is available on request.

Interstuhl Silver Sunday high

Home Edit featured the "silver" from Interstuhl, which is a three legged swiveling office armchair. Designed by Hadi Teherani The chair is available in either high (above) or low backed (models). models. The aluminum frame and brown upholstering contrast and compliment each other fantastically.

Interstuhl Silver Sunday Low

I love the slightly villainous aesthetics of this design, it certainly coveys a feeling of importance. A contemporary classic in my humble opinion.

Visit  Interstuhl online at


Aluminium frame ArmchairTaking a minimalist aproach this aluminium framed chair features a seating surface of stretched fabric, which sculpts itself to the form of the person sitting, supporting the arm, back, thigh, and the calves, for maximum comfort and a relaxed posture.

Designer Abhijeet Kumar studied at the National Institute of Design, specialising in industrial design and has gone on to work as a consultant in ahmedabad primarily in furniture and products.

Aluminium frame Armchair

Aluminium frame Armchair

You can view more of Abhijeet Kumar's work on his personal porfolia site at

Smile From BBB Emmebonacina

Some things make you smile because they induce happiness other things make you smile because they are beautiful. The Smile armchair from BBB Emmebonacina falls into both categories primarily because it is beautiful but which in turn induces happiness. Be happy people, embrace a Smile, or better yet let it embrace you.


For more information visit BBB Emmebonacina

Alaska Steel Chair

The "Alaska" is a Polished Stainless Steel Armchair designed by Emilio Nanni. You are probably going to need an ultra contemporary home to get away with owning this. It makes me think of something Baltar from the 1970's Battlestar Galactica would have sat in, as there's a definite old school Cylon atheistic to it. Still if you do have a space that's uber contemporary then this is a fantastic looking chair to put in it.

The Alaska Chair is available from Cattelan Italia who you can visit online at

Via: Contemporist

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