CONTEMPORIST just posted the trailer for Coast Modern. An Independent documentary film about West Coast modernism in architecture. Los Angeles to Vancouver and all points in between.

"The film by Vancouver, Canada based filmmakers Michael Bernard and Gavin Froome will take us on a journey through three generations of modern architecture on the West Coast of North America. From the early 20th century, through to the second wave of post-war America, to today’s current modernist renaissance. This film speaks with the architects and their patrons, and asks if Modernism’s time has finally come or did it ever really go away."

Via: Coast Modern on Vimeo


Minimalismi is a web magazine dedicated to minimalist industrial and interior design, architecture, concepts and technology. Founded in 2009 in Milan, Italy with a clear goal of bringing the fresh and the exclusive from Italy and around the world to its international visitors.

Fazai38's Inspirational Blog

A virtual place for idea and inspiration for all range of items such as architecture, design, branding, fonts, interior, colour and more.

This is one of my favourite blogs so much stunning art and design collected together.

Landmark Houses, Gloucestershire, UK

Typically when we come across examples of contemporary residential architecture, it generally does not call the UK it’s homeland. So imagine our surprise when we came across a whole development of such, not just on UK soil, but in the prestigious and much revered Cotswolds, home of winding lanes, rickety yet charming stone cottages and plenty of antiques. Then add the exact location to that element of shock, the Cotswold Water Park, a nature reserve and outdoor pursuits treasure buried deep in the heart of the conservative countryside, a place where I myself spent much of my youth dabbling around in a canoe.

So you see, Landmark Houses, are not even just mere landmarks they are something quite historically groundbreaking too. Billed as the UK’s first residential nature reserve, the development although unquestionably modern is sensitive to the surroundings, a place where families can embrace both the countryside and the contemporary existing in harmony together.

The sponsor and land owner Jeremy Paxton, has brought together over 30 of the worlds leading architects including, Will Alsop, Eva Jiricna, Sutherland Hussey, Richard Meier and Partners, Roger Sherman, Sarah Featherstone, Alison Brooks, Piers Gough and Greg Lynnto complete this impressive project.

Designs include the Orchid House, inspired by the camouflage of the Bee Orchid and the Sundance Villa, of which the main floor rotates 360 degrees for panoramic views of the landscape.

For more information and images visit

Boat House

Sundance Villa

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