Revolving Video Episode 11

The Revolving Video podcast is hosted by Chris and Jamie, who reside in the post apocalyptic wastelands of the far North of England.

This episode the boys talk about Sylvester Stallone's The Expendables which stars Mickey Rourke, Jason Statham, Gary Daniels, Terry Crews amongst others. Robert Rodriguez's new projects Machete (Danny Trejo) and Predators. Eli Roths Thanksgiving, Richard Linklaters semi-sequel to Dazed & Confused and Alex Cox's Repo Chick. They also review comedy classics The Cannonball Run and Tom Hanks The Burbs.

For full show notes and to comment and leave feedback visit the Revolving Video blog. Also remember to subscribe to the feed and vote for the guys at Podcast Alley.

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Via: Revolving Video Podcast

The Big Silence

"Death scenes tell you everything you need to know about spaghetti westerns, the most brutal and inventive of all film genres. Director Alex Cox (Repo Man) picks his 10 favourite on-screen exits."

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