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In a world of garbage advertising, as Adam Kesher might well say, sometimes good things happen. A few days ago, Ogilvy Advertising London's "This Is Now" ad for the new Ford Fiesta premiered in my living room, and in an instant I was captivated. As two creative worlds collided, a glorious audio/visual treat was upon me.

The superbly well-chosen music is a track by Swedish electronica trio, Pluxus, and is called Transient, taken from their album Solid State. I've just purchased the album and hearing the track in full made me a little tearful at its boundless loveliness. Opening with some scratchy effects and an almost mournful cry as if the sounds themselves were clawing through the airwaves in a bid to be heard, they form a collective alliance as the beat and bass kick in for what is an unassuming, but devilishly catchy little number.

Dowload the album, as I did, for a mere £7.49 for 10 tracks in 320kbs mp3, or the track alone for 99p.

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This Thai / Japanese commercial for green tea has to be one of the best ads ever made.

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Commercial for Tarako fish-egg and mayonaise pasta sauce (So maybe the ads not that wierd).

There's another ad for Tarako over at VideoTsunami's youtube channel again featuring a mass of invading creepy legless doll things.


A short anti-piracy movie / advert produced for The Cairo International Film Festival by Aroma Designs & Solutions

I'm not sure how much effect it will have on piracy (well thats a lie I know dam well ... none), but it's a great little piece of animation in and of itself.

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