Tru Blood Beverage

The Tru Blood drink has now been "de-fictionalized" and emerges into reality as a delicious blood orange carbonated drink. Introduced during the True Blood forum at the 2009 San Diego Comic-Con on July 25, 2009, the drink will hit store shelves in September.

True Blood Season 2 - Trailer (Comic Con)

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This Coca-Cola ad was by directed by Dougal Wilson for Mother London Advertising Agency. I'm a Pepsi drinker myself, but I rather like the happy vibe of this Muppet esque TV spot.

Video from Direto Do Forno


Where Even Nightmares Come To rest

"Finetra. The bed and bedding experts. Where even nightmares come to rest."

I love this advert by KSB/SJ, Zurich, Switzerland for  Finetra

Where Even Nightmares Come To rest

Where Even Nightmares Come To rest

Cactus Kid

The Advertising Standards Authority have spoken, deeming the recent TV advertising campaign for the soft drink Oasis as "offensive" and "irresponsible." ASA received a grand 32 complaints regarding the Cactus Kid ads which, in a parodied homage to the film Badlands, see a pregnant young woman take to the road with her cactus boyfriend. Not only have the ads been seen as discouraging "good dietry practice," but, it would seem, they are actively inviting a downturn in good ol' family values.

The problem, it appears, is not that the intertextual reference to what is both one of my favourite films and one of the greatest crime spree movies ever made (Terrence Malick's 1973 film was a heavy influence on True Romance and wildly pre-dates the nonsense that is Natural Born Killers) might encourage a misguided, criminal romance, but rather that young ladies might get themselves deflowered and up the duff.

ASA said on the matter, "We also considered that the combination of her youthful appearance and the reference to her pregnancy meant [the advert] could be interpreted to condone under-age sex and teenage pregnancy."

Well, the subject of media effects and influence have and will doubtless continue to be thrashed out ad infinitum, so I won't go on. What I would like to say, though, is a thank-you to the ASA for pointing out how Oasis manufacturer, Coca-Cola, might have been thoughtlessly encouraging, through the supping of nasty overpriced squash, underage girls getting themselves knocked-up.

Catch the saga of one girl's love for her cacti guy on youtube or visit the site here

Via: BBC News

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In a world of garbage advertising, as Adam Kesher might well say, sometimes good things happen. A few days ago, Ogilvy Advertising London's "This Is Now" ad for the new Ford Fiesta premiered in my living room, and in an instant I was captivated. As two creative worlds collided, a glorious audio/visual treat was upon me.

The superbly well-chosen music is a track by Swedish electronica trio, Pluxus, and is called Transient, taken from their album Solid State. I've just purchased the album and hearing the track in full made me a little tearful at its boundless loveliness. Opening with some scratchy effects and an almost mournful cry as if the sounds themselves were clawing through the airwaves in a bid to be heard, they form a collective alliance as the beat and bass kick in for what is an unassuming, but devilishly catchy little number.

Dowload the album, as I did, for a mere £7.49 for 10 tracks in 320kbs mp3, or the track alone for 99p.

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This Thai / Japanese commercial for green tea has to be one of the best ads ever made.

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