When you want multiple bad guys for a horror movie, often the first groups that come to mind are Nazi’s and Zombies, everybody (Who is not a complete prick) hates Nazis and Zombies are simply the best generic multiple foe monsters out there. So its not surprising genre fans calmer to the idea of zombies with a Nazi twist. Sadly the results of previous attempts have not always lived up to the promise of horror movie gold, Shock Waves (1977) and Zombie Lake (1981). But Shock waves certainly had one of the most memorable VHS covers ever and there has got to be a way to make Nazi zombies rising out of the water work. Now Director Richard Raaphorst and Producer Bart Oosterhoorn are trying to get a new project Worst Case Scenario off the ground. With the intent of finally making a quality Nazi Zombie hybrid flick.

There are currently two Promo clips available and they do look rather good, although the nationalistic comedy for the first trailer is of no interest to me and verges on pathetic, If you live in England, Germany and football world cup jokes is something that has been done to death over the decades, but I guess there are some who will manage to find the same joke funny no matter how many times its told.


Promo clips: 1st Promo | CGI Promo | CGI Promo HD

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