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I always, always, wanted a Pug. I'm simply a sucker for a squashed face. With a real-life version not really a practical option for me at the moment then I will happily make do with this little patterned puppy.

Designed by print-star extraordinaire Erdem, exclusively for Start London, and available in a selection of Erdem prints, he can be yours to take home for £120.

This collaboration came about due to Start's owner's affection for the breed, as her own pugs are often found kipping under desks at Head Office!

Erdem Pug



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l m n o p shop is an interesting little find containing interesting little finds. With an actual shop in Brighton and a virtual shop in Cyberspace, l m n o p is a platform for artist made and self published books, prints, cards, zines and other curiosities ranging from the ironic to the surreal, the witty to the tongue in cheek, or simply just the aesthetically pleasing. If you are looking for original prints for your walls, or perhaps an original gift, or suddenly feel the urgent need to send somebody a poo card it’s well worth checking out.


I'm talkin' 'bout sharkin'!

Max Capacity of the California based collective Analogue Medium has been experimenting with ZX Spectrum utilities. He's created / manipulated some classic images which you can view over on his flickr stream. My favourite though is this 8-bit makeover of the classic Jaws marketing. I desperately want this blown up for my wall.

Follow Max Capacity on Twitter | Tumblr

Galaxy Counters


Now here’s a nostalgic treat indeedy. Following on from other “vintage” choco-brands (Whisper anyone), Galaxy Counters are set to make a return to our tummies (well mine at least anyway). For those of you with enough years to remember, Galaxy Counters were around from 1960 until the mid 80’s when they disappeared from shelves. Well the good news is they’re back by popular demand, albeit with a revamped image for 2010, but they still taste exactly the same. Oh well, sod the diet. 

Available soon from all good stores nationwide!


Vanilla Pod Tumblr Theme

I've been a busy bee indeed. Here's another theme for Tumblr. Its called Vanilla Pod and is available from the Tumblr Theme Garden. Enjoy!

Analog Medium

Analog Medium

Retro Pod Theme For Tumblr

We've made a theme for Tumblr! It's called Retro Pod and if you like it you can grab it from Tumblr's Theme Garden

Wray Day by Richard Woods

We featured a painting by Gloucestershire based artist Richard Woods before. Since then he's been busy capturing the both humour and horror of life in contemporary Britain.

Richard's work can be found on exhibition from the 28th November - 21st December 2009 at The Encore Exhibition at The Royal West of England Academy in Bristol.

Humpty's Demise by Richard Woods

Rum Road by Richard Woods

The Banker by Richard Woods

For more information and to contact Richard visit www.richardwoodsart.com

Via: www.richardwoodsart.com

Sniffer Bees: They Work Hard For The Honey

Harnessing the industrious senses of the honeybee, Inscentinel Ltd. continues to further develop its mutually beneficial relationship with the tiny creatures. Currently working on an automated loading system, the UK-based biotechnology company specialises in channeling the bees' olfactory senses for trace vapour detection.

This system, known to those awesome Inscentinel boffins as VASOR, or Volatile Analysis by Specific Olfactory Recognition, will be capable of translating the responses of highly trained bees into an electronic result. These incredible creatures, used to sniff out micro-traces of anything from drugs to disease, work to the classic formula of Pavlovian conditioning, sticking out their tongue when a relevant aroma becomes apparent and duly being rewarded with a tasty treat.

But fear not, for these insects are not slaving away in abject misery, but dutifuly cared for by both the scientists and a professional beekeeper who ensure bee welfare is high on the agenda. Knowing healthy, happy bees work the best, they guarantee that following their single shift, the bees are re-integrated into the hive where they do natural bee stuff for the rest of their natural lives.

Source: Technovelgy via CrunchGear

(Image credit: Louise Murray, Rex Features see more at www.telegraph.co.uk)

Ana Bagayan - "Critters"

When 6-year-old Ana Bagayan moved with her family from the Armenian capital of Yerevan to Burbank, California, little could she have known how her formative years would set her up for a certain celebrity in later life. Shunning the usual trappings of female youth for a sketchbook, her Critters series would come to prove that there's nothing like a good frolicking to set you on the path towards artistic renown.

Ana Bagayan - "Critters"

Critters, showing at the Roq La Rue Gallery in Seattle this Friday October 9th 2009, is a series of paintings and drawings that exemplify the influence her childhood had on the work which would see her gain reputation in enviable circles of the creatively conscious. With all the big-eyed innocence of a Manga character, but somehow endowed with a sombre knowing, Critters keeps a firm foot on the precipice of implied darkness with the natural ease that can only come from one who has truly felt it.

Ana currently resides in Los Angeles with her boyfriend and puppy.

Via: NOTCOT.org


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