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Taking its name from popular Japanese micro-restaurants, temporary art installation and fully-functioning eatery, Nomiya, is raising the steaks of l'art de cuisine in the Paris skyline. For one year only, Nomiya will be replacing the previous occupant, luxe mobile suite Hotel Everland, atop the "site of contemporary creation," the Palais de Tokyo. This Parisien centre of contemporary arts is playing host to the 12-person culinary unit as part of a collaboration between some of the most prominent names in modern multi-disciplinary arts, and all so they may "offer a unique and exceptional new moment of pleasure."

"Nomiya"%3A a project by Laurent Grasso

This well-bred brainchild of artistic revelry was conceived by appliance manufacturer extraordinaire, Electrolux, as part of its ArtHome creative outreach, with joint input in their respective fields from architect Pascal Grasso and artist Laurent Grasso. With panoramic views of the Seine and the Eiffel tower, Nomiya is not only an indulgent feast for the eyes, but for the stomach, too, as the culinary experience is overseen by Transversal's forward-thinking director Gilles Strassard.

The 18-metre-long construct of glass and perforated metal was trasported from the Cherbourg boatyard to Paris in two sections, where it was then assembled 'on-house' at the Palais de Tokyo rooftop. The interior sees the dining area furnished in white Corian and bathed considerately in the intimate glow of LED lighting.

With all the promise of a unique 'transformative' experience, ArtHome certainly looks suitably at home above this cultural, contemporary centre providing literal haute cuisine.

"Nomiya": a project by Laurent Grasso

"Nomiya"%3A a project by Laurent Grasso

Tours are available, beginning at the garden and terrace below and working their way through Palais de Tokyo to conclude at the the culinary summit; Nomiya. Workshops and, of course, dinners can also be booked through Electrolux's ArtHome website.

Bon appetit!

Via: Arch Daily