Live Evil - Promotional Poster Art

Promo poster for director Jay Woelfel's Live Evil which stars B movie legend's Tim Thomerson (Near Dark, Trancers) and Ken Foree (Dawn of the Dead, The Devil's Rejects). As well as modern B movie regulars Lee Perkins and Mark Hengst.

"A hunter dressed in black. This cowboy-hat-wearing samurai-sword-wielding Priest is on a quest for blood. Vampire blood. He's out for revenge on a "clique" of four vampires who are traveling across country in search of "pure blood." The human blood stream has become polluted by drugs, alcohol, Aids, Diabetes, anti-depressants, cigarettes, anything that changes the blood even a small amount makes it undrinkable for Vampires, who, like hi-performance automobiles need "hi test" fuel= Blood in order to survive. This has started a sort of underground civil war between various groups of vampires and vampires themselves have mutated due to the pollution of their life blood."