"Larry & Burt's Gut Rot" is a new web based series chronicling two down on the luck guys trying to make it in the world only to have that world throw up rejection at every turn.  I suppose we've all been there at one point of our lives and this series aims to take a comedic look those times we'd rather be anyone but who we are at that moment.

Our first episode kicks off with Larry, a pizza delivery driver, who can't bare the stench of his own car from the daily deliveries he does. He tries, in futility, to wash away the smell of cheese, sausage and other pizza toppings that has driven him to hate pizza alltogether.  His girfriend, Ruth, doesn't mind and we're not entirely sure if he's completey enamored with her or takes cold comfort in her companionship. He engages in at least one small act of rebellion and I'm sure we'll see more friction as future episodes roll on.

Burt is out of work and still pining for his former girlfriend by checking the status updates of her Facebook page.  He's in hock trying to pay his rent and is constantly demeaned by one negative job interview after another.  There seems to be no direction for him to go but down as he is a defeated man.

The series is the latest effort by Canadian film making duo, the Butler brothers. Their past work has always been about the common guy, his struggles for some sort of redemption in a cookie cutter world where he doesn't quite fit in, and the eternal struggle of men trying to figure out the minds of women.  Chase this down with some good beer and you get where these two filmmakers are about.  ""Larry & Burt's Gut Rot" plays on these themes once more and smatters on some funny pop culture references. All of it provides us with a very entertaining first episode. 

Overall I really enjoyed the first series entry and the plan is to have a new episode debut each month.  I have followed these two filmmakers with  their earlier entries like "Bums" and have found that they've come a long way and I have no doubt they will keep getting better and better.  When I caught  "Larry & Burt's Gut Rot" I felt two things: I was glad they were still going at it and I was happy that they were becoming better filmmakers by still going at it.  Moreover, I am relieved that there are good guys out there who understand the plight of the average Joe and make it their point to create something around it.  No, I wasn't happy to see the characters miserable but I felt glad someone out there understands it. 

Youtube is inundated with the inane and forgettable but ""Larry & Burt's Gut Rot" is a bright spot in an over saturated webisode market.  We need the voices of filmmakers like Jason and Brett Butler not to feel bad about being down and out, but to look at it and laugh.  So for that I give them a high five, cold beer and a thumbs up. 

"Larry & Burt's Gut Rot" debut episode is streaming now on Youtube so go check it out and give your next pizza delivery guy a good tip.   They're people too.