Jim Groom's "Room 36" Gets DVD Release

When writer-director Jim Groom conceived the idea for an unrelated follow-up project to his underrated 1992 comedy-horror, Revenge of Billy the Kid, little could he have predicted the series of unfortunate events that would set the project back a testing 11 years. But persistence and unfaltering willpower paid off as, with several years now elapsed since Room 36's inception and 2005 theatrical release, this labour of love has finally seen the light of its DVD release day. 

In addition to the smart Brit comedy/noir thriller feature that pitches a chain of unsavoury events in a suitably seedy setting, the DVD comes fully equipped with bonus features that will delight wannabe-filmmakers and those with an interest in the machinations of the industry. On top of trailers and deleted scenes, you'll find a 9-minute featurette on the gross-out, bestiality comedy film extraordinaire, Revenge of Billy the Kid and a feature-length documentary, 11 Years in the Making, which follows the trials and tribulations of the titular feature. 

Affectionately sub-headed The Most Informative Documentary On How NOT To Make An Independent Feature Film, 11 Years is an eye-opening and invaluable watch not only for those who've been following this epic release, but also for those with an interest in embarking upon independent film production themselves. 

Available now from Amazon UK and other quality retailers.