Ikea Lightbox Table

During my years at university studying fashion, figure drawing was always one of the more challenging aspects. Our tutor taught us a rather nifty trick of semi tracing real life models, well not in the flesh so to speak, but photographs of leggy magazine twiglets to get that fashion pose and posture just right. Anyone who has ever tried to trace an outline from a magazine will know that this is inevitably impossible unless your subject has conveniently posed against a white background; hence the figure has an irritating habit of blending with the background, especially when overlaid with a sheet of paper which acts like thick fog. Obviously a background light downgrades the pulp fog to a much more manageable mist, but achieving the bright light required for this manoeuvre isn’t exactly practical. Tracing up against a window is, quite frankly, uncomfortable. Those with a DIY disposition like myself, took it upon themselves to make an amateur light box, which ended up too thick, elevating the table top by a good foot, too hot and unless extremely wide left no room to rest your wrist whilst tracing.

Well Ikea have come up with the perfect solution for any fashion fanatics or cartoonist wanabees alike. The Vika Blecket/Vika Arthur table top has a clear panel in it, smoothly integrated with the rest of the work surface, allowing you to shine a lamp from the bottom, providing the perfect tracing table. You even get a choice of appropriate legs. Wish they’d thought of that about 4 years ago