Sanjit and Ranju Majumdar are not just a filmmaking duo but twin brothers.  Born in Queens, New York and raised in New Jersey, the brothers used their spare time to craft the film "Determinism."

Focusing on themes of racial tensions and drug dealing, Alec seeks to break away from his small, college town roots and shatter the stereotypes as a "South Asian Geek."  Flunking out of school and being separated from his family, Alec is left to his own devices. He is prepared to "transcend determinism - by any means necessary."

Embarking on a journey into the underworld of drug dealers and gangsters, Alec agrees to partake in a heist.  The money earned is his ticket to freedom and the big time in New York City. While the plan seems simple, all is not what it seems. Things go terribly wrong leaving Alec to use "any means necessary" to get his money.

The film is an ultra low budget feature and has a very nice visual style.  As of now, this crime drama doesn't have a formal release date, but Sanjit and Ranju hope to get it out there.  I know I'd like to see this film get its moment but for now, I'm happy happy to support their efforts by giving it a mention here. 

Good luck gentlemen.