Creating Coraline - Images

Above: Animator Chris Tootell readies Coraline to cross a snowy forest in Henry Selick's stop-motion animated 3-D adventure Coraline.

Creating Coraline - Images

Above: Animator Bartek Prusiewicz works outside the Pink Palace house/apartments complex situated on a soundstage.

Creating Coraline - Images

Stop motion animation fascinates me, marveling at the Dinosaurs of Jim Danforth and Roger Dicken in The Land that time forgot as a child. The maestro Ray Harryhausen work in everything he did and later the surrel imaginings of check master Jan Svankmajer. As well as creations like Morph the animated companion of the late great Tony Hart and top notch kids show The Trap Door. Apart from generally just loving the look of Stop motion the patience of its creators amazes me. Anyway check out the images above from Coraline.

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Above: Set construction supervisor Bo Henry makes final adjustments to one of the dozens of hand-crafted elaborate sets made for Coraline

Based on Neil Gaiman’s international best-selling book and helmed by "The Nightmare Before Christmas" director Henry Selick, - is the first high definition, stop-motion animated feature to be shot in 3-D.

Coraline features he vocal talents of Dakota Fanning, Keith David, Dawn French, Teri Hatcher, John Hodgman, Ian McShane and Jennifer Saunders.

Coraline - Trailer

Coraline - Images