Krazy Baldhead – The 4th Movement (The Glitch Mob Remix)

"Among the The Glitch Mob's material from the live performances on their Drink the Sea Tour is the band's remix of French electro producer Krazy Baldhead's "The 4th Movement." At nearly 9 minutes long, this reconfiguration takes the listener on a winding ride of pounding basslines, unexpected sounds, and thick drum sequences."

Download: Krazy Baldhead – The 4th Movement (The Glitch Mob Remix) | Twitter | | |


The Ornament by Pat Dorian is a festive themed stop motion animation that's somewhat lacking in festive cheer. 


Stills Spring/Summer 2010

I posted their 2009 Spring/Summer collection on Latemag last year, and I’ve felt compelled to post my favourites from their 2010 Spring/Summer collection this year as well. Why? Simply because Stills just make beautiful, completely timeless clothes. I actually like the fact they are not slaves to trends, it’s just good old fashion quality in both styling and fabrics and knowing how to dress to perfection the female form. 

To check out the full collection visit their website

I'm talkin' 'bout sharkin'!

Max Capacity of the California based collective Analogue Medium has been experimenting with ZX Spectrum utilities. He's created / manipulated some classic images which you can view over on his flickr stream. My favourite though is this 8-bit makeover of the classic Jaws marketing. I desperately want this blown up for my wall.

Follow Max Capacity on Twitter | Tumblr

Colour Watch

Why look, its half past purple. To be honest I’ve always been a visual person, numbers were never my thing, in fact give me pretty colours any day. Whilst you are at you can also give me this watch. 

Available from here, and in a lovely little tin too.


Galaxy Counters


Now here’s a nostalgic treat indeedy. Following on from other “vintage” choco-brands (Whisper anyone), Galaxy Counters are set to make a return to our tummies (well mine at least anyway). For those of you with enough years to remember, Galaxy Counters were around from 1960 until the mid 80’s when they disappeared from shelves. Well the good news is they’re back by popular demand, albeit with a revamped image for 2010, but they still taste exactly the same. Oh well, sod the diet. 

Available soon from all good stores nationwide!


Doral Il Loft

This rather fetching table with a throw-back mid century modern vibe is from Il Loft, the furniture design company of Italian design supremo Giorgio Saporiti. His pieces have a really distinct aesthetic in which eye-catching, somewhat provocative colours play a central role. This particular table “Doral” is actually somewhat subdued in tone compared to some of the other pieces from Il Loft, but complements the collection perfectly.

Visit Il Loft, to see more.


N Table

It’s easy to see why this table design has been named Ñ, or perhaps it should be more appropriately typed “n”. Ñ is a practical auxiliary table designed by Rafa Garcia for Spanish design house Sancal. The design features a wheeled “pouf” that can be used for extra seating, housed under a lacquered n-shaped table. Ñ is available in 9 different shades ranging from cream to red. 

For more information and stockists, visit Sancal

Times moving too quickly, it doesn't seem that long since I bought Onra's 1.0.8. Time however waits for no man as they say and Onra's next musical excursion hits shelves (and servers) next month. Check out the album teaser trailer above and then jump over to Onra's Soundcloud to hear more.

Onra previously contributed to the brilliant French beats compilation La Boulangerie (A LateMag favourite). His first album was the excellent Chinoiseries produced the standout track The Anthem.

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